Low-Profile and Broadband Precision Antenna

Model P-800M3G-U-A-W

0.8-3.0 GHz
AMPS, GSM, PCS, etc.

Model P-800M3G-U-A-W
Freq. range0.8 to 3.0 GHz
Gain6-8 dBi
Impedance50 ohms
Connectortype-N female
PolarizationBasically RHCP
Weight<1.0 kg
Size66 cm x 60 cm,
5 cm thick

Radome:White ABS plastic
Pattern:Broad beam toward front
Max Power:200 W @ 25° C
Accessories:Optional external lightning protector available
  • Calibrated precision performance with low sidelobes, suitable for use as test reference antenna (calibrated data sheets are provided)

  • Can handle multiple frequency bands, eliminating the need for multible test antennas

  • Using a single test antenna means
    • lower cost
    • less equipment to carry
    • faster testing

  • Its CP (circular polarization) is more suitable for the highly depolarized waves in the mobile environment

  • Low-profile, light-weight, and platform compatible for easier carrying and mounting

U.S. Patents No. 5,313,216, etc.
Taiwan Patent Certificate No. 065832

For Sale In Large Quantities Only

For continued improvement of product, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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