Low-Profile Broadband EW, RWR, Radar, Telecom Antenna

Model 2G18G-U-A

Broadband (2-18 GHz)

Model 2G18G-U-A
Freq. range2 to 18 GHz
Gain2-6 dBi**
Impedance50 ohms
ConnectorSMA female
PolarizationRHCP or LHCP
Sizeapprox. 7 cm dia. x
3 cm thick

Mounting:Available in a retrofit package for easy replacement of existing cavity-loaded spirals
Pattern:Broad beam toward front

*For RWR, can have performance adapted to customer needs

**For radar/telecom models

Advantages over cavity-loaded spirals
  • Lower noise temperature, higher signal-to-noise ratio and, thus, a longer range of detection as RWR (radar warning receiver) antenna

  • Higher efficiency, therefore more gain, more net power output for transmit/jamming in radar, jamming, telecom

  • Less protrusion/intrusion when mounted on a platform

  • Not sensitive to platform

  • Simpler in construction, lighter in weight

  • More rugged, stable, and durable
U.S. Patent No. 5,313,216, etc.
Taiwan Patent Certificate No. 065832
PCT patents pending

For continued improvement of product, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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